Our Top Pick: Organic Hair Products

Our business is like our child, and each of the hair products we make from home for you are our children too. But unlike children, we will admit we have a favorite product.

For us, it’s our Conditioning Hair Growth Mask. Developing this product one afternoon is the reason we ultimately ended up creating Organic Essentials Hair Care – it’s the first product we ever formulated. The other reason it’s our favorite is it’s designed to strengthen, nourish and grow your hair, and it actually works.

We struggled for several years in getting our hair to grow past our shoulders. We would see photos online of people with the most gorgeous, luscious long hair. We used so many different high end, store bought products, but nothing worked.

That’s when we started experimenting and researching natural ingredients that could help us not only grow our hair, but also keep it feeling soft and looking healthy. Through trial and error, we developed a formula for what is now our Conditioning Hair Growth Mask, and then we tested the product over several months.

We were over joyous when we started seeing results quickly.

Our hair didn’t only grow: it felt better, each hair follicle was stronger, it stopped breaking as often, it was softer and it smelled great.

We use this hair mask religiously about every two weeks, or when we notice our hair is craving moisture again. It’s been a staple of our continuous hair care for almost a year now, and during that time our hair has grown about an inch and a half faster than the monthly average.

You can see why this product is near and dear to our hearts: it’s literally what started off Organic Essentials Hair Care and our passion in helping you achieve the same results! Using these products changed our life, and we immediately wanted to help change others’ lives too.

You can find our Conditioning Growth Hair Mask by clicking here. However, just because this product was the perfect one for our hair needs doesn’t mean it will be perfect for yours. If you want a personalized product recommendation based on your hair needs and goals, let us help with that here.