Our Partners

Organic Essentials Hair Care strongly believes in empowering our partners, the very people inhabiting the communities in which our products are manufactured and packaged. These communities consist of small enterprise farmers and suppliers, all of whom have become active members in our newly integrated and inclusive Community Empowerment Program. This program focuses on empowering orphans, vulnerable children & young people (OVC's) through education. Every $1 received from sales (per purchase order), will go towards the procurement of school supplies (i.e. uniforms, books, stationary, school bags); tuition; and the creation of a learning environment that enhances entrepreneural thinking, creativity, & leadership (for orphans, vulnerable children, & young people (OVC's). Our goal is to empower the next generation of leaders through community-based learning, under our Community Empowerment Program initiative. This initiative will be running across the outskirts of the Bangkok region of Thailand, while its sister program will run in peri-urban constituencies in Lusaka Zambia. Our objective is to grow this initiative across all borders, and on an inter-continental scale, so no child or young person is left behind in this fast-paced technological world.  

Pure Ingredients
All of our products begin with selecting and sourcing the highest quality, most natural, and healthiest ingredients.
Invest in your Health
We invest in our products so you can enjoy the purity of our organic and natural oils.
Transformative Hair Care
100% Vegan & Cruelty free, formulated with 97% - 100% Natural origin ingredients sourced from micro farmers from around the world.

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A Moisture Replenishing Hair Care system formulated to nourish, strengthen & grow healthy hair all year round!